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Frequently Asked Questions


All pricing is subject to change without notice. We are not responsible for written or visual errors and reserve the right to correct them at any time.

What does LTL trucking mean?

Less than a full truckload.

Click here for more freight shipping information.


Why are the dimensions, weights, and delivery lead times stated as approximate?

Due to the sculpting process, the length, width, or depth will be within +/- 1" or better. Heights are within +/- 1/2" or better, and critical heights such as dining tables and desks are within +/- 1/4".


Why is there a significant difference in the net and shipping weight of works shipped by truck freight LTL?

The full wood crate used to ship work adds to the shipping weight. We've never had a piece arrive damaged via LTL in the forty-five years we've been in business. We believe this is due to our experience in building structurally sound crates

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