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Uncrating the Work
typical crate


  • Dozens of staples are used in the fabrication of the crate, none need to be removed to dismantle the crate.

  • The sides are assembled with #2 Phillip's head screws for fast and easy removal with a power drill.


  • Portable Power Drill

  • #2 Phillip's head bit

  • Work gloves to protect from slivers


  • The first piece to be removed is the top. All screws securing the top to the crate are taken out from the top and not from the sides of the crate.

  • There are usually one to four internal wood cross braces securing the work and are attached from the outside of the crate with screws. Remove those screws and then remove the wood braces from the crate.

  • Take out the screws from the two long crate sides and set those sides aside.

  • Leave all the protective wrapping around the work until the piece has been situated.

  • At least two or more persons should lift and move the work since many of the pieces are rather weighty and unwieldy.

  • The two remaining sides are secured from the inside bottom of the crate.

  • Remove those screws and you now have six separate pieces that can more readily be disposed of than one large ungainly crate.  

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