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Signing for the Work
Typical Bill of Lading (BOL) or Freight Bill

Please note, not one piece has arrived damaged in the decades we've been shipping work nationally and internationally. The instructions below are for a “just in case” scenario.
You will be asked to sign a Bill of Lading (BOL) or Freight Bill similar to the image above. Do not do so until you inspect the crate.
It's common for the corners and edges of the crate to be roughed up or creased during transport, but there should be no holes in the crate. If there are any holes in the crate or anything looks unusual please do the following:


  • Take digital images of the damage.

  • Note the damage to the crate on the Bill of Lading.

  • If there are any holes in the crate take the time to take off the top and side of the crate per Uncrating the Work to be sure that there is no damage to the piece.

  • Do not let the driver prevent you from doing this. Call 505-490-9048 if there is a problem.

  • No matter how pristine the crate looks the Bill of Lading as follows: “Subject to uncrating and full and complete inspection of the work”.

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