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Mark Levin's Sapele Flower Petal Shelf, Floating Shelf

Sapele Flower Petal Shelf




The Sapele Flower Petal Shelf is the cross blossoming of the Marilyn Monroe Leaf Shelf with the Penina Wall Flower and represents over forty years of artistic exploration. It is one of Mark’s finest works. Please also see the Sapele Flower Shelf kid sister, Lalli Flower Petal Shelf.


Mark created the Sapele Flower Petal Shelf over a period of seven months. The weight of the laminated wood blank was over three hundred pounds (136 kgs) and was sculpted to a weight of forty-eight pounds (22 kgs).


Each part was roughed out using chainsaws and automobile disc grinders. As the Flower Petal Shelf took shape, the tools became smaller and more delicate, with the final detailing completed with jeweler files. (The backstory to the Sapele Flower Petal Shelf)


  • Unique: One of one.
  • Wood: Sapele
  • Finish: Danish Oil
  • Hanging Device: Male-female wood cleat
  • Approximate Dimensions: H x W x D inches: 34x 55 x 28
  • Approximate Dimensions: H x W x D centimeters: 86 x 140 x 71
  • Approximate Net/Shipping weight: pounds: 48/275
  • Approximate Net/Shipping weight: kilograms: 22/125
  • Shipping Container: Wood crate.
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