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Art Furniture, for The Love of Wood

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Wood Art Furniture, also referred to as studio art furniture, came to fruition during the 1960s as part of the back-to-the-land movement and working with one's hands as a statement challenging industrialization. A few artists were detached from the politic and straightforwardly fell in love with the act of creating and excelled. MarkLevin fell in love and excelled.

Art furniture combines function and sculpture and rises to art when executed with patience, precision, and passion. Subsequently, Art Furniture has moved from the craft arena to the world of art, where its presence graces museums, corporate offices, residences, and private collections. Albeit art and depending upon the maker's vision, the art can be sat upon, eaten off of, and babies rocked in.

Wood, like precious metals, retains intrinsic value even in its raw material state, for a single unfinished board of highly figured walnut will cost well into the four figures. Wood is acrobatic in that its beauty readily flexes to blend with almost any style of home or office, from Miesian and Brutalist to Colonial and Western. Wood Art Furniture, done well, brings a sense of calm, habitat, and gravitas to all architectural genres. Please peruse this website and view Art Furniture done well.

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