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Mended Heart Wall Sculpture

Mended Heart Wall Sculpture




The Mended Heart Wall Sculpture is created from a large, laminated block of African Mahogany starting with very aggressive tools and then refining the shape and details with files and sandpaper. It has a polyurethane finish that requires virtually no maintenance except for the occasional dusting. Wood cleat, hardware for 1/2" or 5/8" drywall, and mounting instructions are included. Rose was used for scale only.


The Healing Heart can be ordered in different woods, various finishes, and resized subject to proportions. Please call or email, and we'd be happy to discuss your exact requirements.


    • Wood: African Mahogany
    • Finish: Polyurethane topcoat
    • Approx. Dimensions Inches H x W x D: 22.5 x 21 x 3.25
    • Approx. Dimensions Centimeters H x W x D: 57 x 53 x 8
    • Approx. Net Weight: 9 lbs./4 kg.

    • Approximate lead time: Six to eight weeks,
    • Ships Via: Ground shipping.
    • Shipping Container: Custom-made, double wall cardboard box with interior seams reinforced with wood blocking.
    • Approx. Shipping weight: 21 lbs./10 kg.
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