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Handel Leaf Desk

Handel Leaf Desk




It may be called the Handel Leaf Desk, but you just gotta' know Beethoven and Bach (all of them) would be green with envy. Imagine sitting at this desk with your feet up and wowing them at the next Zoom meeting.



  • Wood: Walnut as shown.
  • Finish: Danish Oil
  • Approximate Dimensions H x W x D inches: 30 x 72 x 39
  • Approximate Dimensions H x W x D centimeters76 x 183 x 99
  • Approximate Net Weight: 250 lbs.
  • Approximate Lead Time: 20 to 24 weeks (Only one is made per year)
  • Shipping Container: Wood Crate



  • The Handel Leaf Desk can be ordered in different woods, various finishes, and resized subject to maintainging proportions.
  • Please call or email and we'd be happy to discuss your exact requirement.


  • Ships Via: LTL economy freight with curbside delivery.
  • Shipping Container: Wood crate.
  • Approx. Shipping wt. - 500 lbs./227 kg.
  • Made to Order Lead Time: Delivery is approximately five to seven months. Only one Handle Desk is made per year.
  • Shipping worldwide.
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