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Boopsie Bench

Boopsie Bench

PriceFrom $4,250.00


A Carnality of Curves


Introducing the "Boopsie Bench," a stunning sculptural wooden bench with a fluid and organic design. It is the little sister of the Betty Boop Bench.


The bench's smooth, undulating form creates a continuous, flowing gesture that seamlessly combines the seat and support legs. Made from solid oak, the rich, warm tone of the wood adds depth and texture to the piece, while masterfully crated walnut splines provide the bench with visual appeal and functionality. This modern and minimalist design reflects a harmonious balance between form and function, making the "Boopsie Bench" a truly unique and eye-catching addition to any space.


Wood: Red oak and walnut

Finish: Danish Oil

Customization: Can be ordered in various woods

Lead Time: Twwlve to sixteen weeks

Approximate Dimensions: H x W x D inches: 20-3/4 x 32-1/2 x 11-1/2

Approximate Dimensions: H x W x D centimeters: 53 x 83 x 29

Approximate Load Capacity in pounds: 250

Approximate Load Capacity in kilograms: 114

Approximate Net/Shipping weight in pounds: 40/225

Approximate Net/Shipping weight in kilograms: 18/103

Shipping Worldwide

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