• All dimensions stated on the website are approximate due to the sculpting and customizing of the piece.

  • The precise dimensions will be determined by the artist and customer once the scale and proportions are finalized.

  • The finalized dimension will be in writing as a line item on the Purchase Agreement.


  • A deposit of 50% of the total price is required before the scheduling of the estimated start date and ship date.

  • The balance of the payment is required in full prior to shipping or delivery of the work.


  • Each work is made to order, therefore returns and refunds are not permitted.

  • Prices are subject to change without notice.


  • Travel time via car, port-to-port, within 150 miles: $55.00/hour

  • Other Travel: All expenses including airfare, car rental, lodging, etc.

  • Face-to-face consultation after first 90 minutes: $95.00/hour, $500.00/day

  • Design/Drawing/Model Making Fees: $95.00/hour:

    • Customers will be given copies of the original drawing/sketch or an image of the model.

    • Mark Levin retains ownership and all copyright(s) of any and all sketches and models.

    • Model materials are additional.

  • Full-scale paper patterns: Starting at $125.00

  • Wood Sample Fees:

    • Natural domestic wood samples approx. 4" x 6": $50.00 

    • Exotic wood samples approx. 3" x 3": Starting at $75.00 depending on wood species.

    • Stained wood samples, approx. 4" x 6": Starting at $75.00

  • Fees are not refundable and are not applied against the purchase price.



  1. Because the fees do not even begin to cover the actual costs of the labor, time expended and any materials required for the respective tasks listed above.

  2. We've made a commitment to not be part of the starving artist zoo and the best way to become a starving artist and put oneself out of business is not to be fairly compensated for any and all time/materials/labor involved in a project.