Applying Danish Oil to a Vivaldi Leaf Hall Table

Detailed care and maintenance instructions are provided with each

work along with our phone number and email.

Finishes and Maintenance

  • For natural woods, we use Watco® Danish Oil and maintained with Watco® Rejuvenating Oil.

  • Danish oil finishes age gracefully and develops a beautiful patina of wear over time when oiled a couple of times a year.

  • Additionally, it is easier to repair dings and dents.

  • We recommend oiling the work at least twice a year with Watco® Rejuvenation Oil.

  • We also do Polyurethane and Lacquer finishes as specified.

Watco®​ Rejuvenating Oil Maintenance

  • Put a small amount of oil on a soft cotton cloth.

  • Let sit for 10 minutes and thoroughly wipe off all excess.

  • After thoroughly wiping off the excess, check every couple of hours for oil “perspiration spots” and wipe off immediately.

  • Very fine steel wool (0000 or 4/0) can be used in place of rags.

Proper Disposal of Oily Rags and Steel Wool

  • Rags, steel wool or other articles soaked with Danish oil may spontaneously combust if improperly discarded.

  • Take all rags/steel wool or any other material with Danish oil on it and place in a plastic bag similar to the ones received at box stores.

  • Fill the plastic bag containing the rags with water until the rags/steel wool are immersed in the water. Push all the air out and tie the bag in a knot.

  • Take that bag containing the wet rags/steel wool and place in another plastic bag. Push all the air out of the bag and tie that bag in a knot.

  • Discard outside in a metal container.