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Installation of Wall Art and Wall Shelves

General Information

Hiring a professional, bonded & insured tradesperson is strongly recommended to install a wall piece, especially if the wall is other than sheetrock, i.e., brick, cement, stone, marble, plaster, tile, or other hard or dense material. We suggest trying to find a tradesperson in your area.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with the person installing the work. Kindly notify us in advance to block out time to be available. Please click here for our contact information.

The necessary tools to install most wall pieces are a Stud Finder, Tape Ruler, Power Drill, Level, Hammer, Pencil, and either a straight or Phillip's head screwdriver.


The requisite hardware, cleats, respective drill drivers (Phillips head, square, or star drive), and installation instructions are included with all wall pieces. A 4D finishing nail is included with the hardware package in lieu of the red key mentioned in the video link below.

Plastic-Toggle Anchors for both 1/2" and 5/8" sheetrock are supplied with all pieces. They are easy to use and this sixty-second video explains the process: Plastic-Toggle Anchor installation.

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